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Ultrasound Technician Schools in New York

Guide to New York Ultrasound & Sonographer Degree Programs

Are you considering a future in the healthcare field, but are concerned about dealing with invasive procedures like taking blood or inserting intravenous lines?  One option you should consider is a career as an ultrasound technician or a sonographer.  The sonographer’s job is crucial to patient care, but does not involve more than touching the skin’s surface.  The equipment does the job of looking inside the body through the use of sound waves.  With this highly technical machinery, the ultrasound operator is able to take the sound wave echoes and create images of internal organs, tissues, and vascular systems.  This is an exciting and interesting career that provides essential information to physicians about a patient’s condition.

One of the most important qualities needed to be an excellent ultrasound technician is being able to interact with patients in a compassionate manner.  Many patients will have concerns about what will happen during the procedure. The sonographer must have the ability to put the patient at ease and maintain a calm exterior when performing the test.  Especially in the case of finding issues that may be of grave concern.

New York offers several quality courses of study for prospective ultrasound technicians and sonographers.  Most programs will take anywhere from eighteen months to four years to complete.  You may also choose to seek further education to specialize in breast, abdomen, vascular, or obstetric sonology, just to name a few of the wide number of specialty areas in this career.

New York Ultrasound & Sonographer Job Outlook and Salary

Those graduating from a New York program in sonography can expect to find plenty of available jobs. Being one of the most populated states makes this an area in need of quality healthcare providers.  Ultrasound technicians can expect to find employment in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, private physicians’ offices, public clinics, and laboratories.  Work may also be available as part of a mobile imaging service team that travels to different offices and clinics to provide quality care. Most sonographers will be asked to work a 40 hour week, but there are opportunities for part-time work in this career.  Depending on the setting of the employment, the ultrasound technician may need to work on evenings, weekends, or be in an on-call type situation.

After completing your education, you can expect to earn a good living as an ultrasound technician. The average annual salary for a full-time sonographer in New York ranges between $54,000 and $76,000.  Of course, the closer you live to New York City, the higher your salary will be. Ultrasound technicians can expect to have a decent benefits package that will likely include health insurance, retirement benefits, and vacation time.  To further enhance your career and stay on top of new advancements in the field, ultrasound technicians will need to take continuing education credits.

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