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Your online resource for Non-Profit Business Degrees and Career Information. Working in non-profit business is basically the same as working in a for-profit company, with a few differences. There is a special code of ethics that comes with working in non-profit organizations, and students who want to work in this career will have to learn that in their coursework. Students can find non-profit business degrees focused in management, although most of them will be obtained in the master's level of education. There are MBA, MPA, MPP, MUP, and MSW degrees that focus on non-profit business operations. There are so many different ways that a non-profit degree can be utilized, and it is important that students think about what they want when pursuing this option. As long as there are public services and non-profit organizations to help those who are less than fortunate, there will be a need for professionals to work in these positions. Over the next ten years, growth is expected to be about 12%, which is about the national average for all occupational growth. Non-profit business degrees can lead to careers in business, public administration, public policy, urban planning, and even social work.

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