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Art & Design Degrees in North Carolina

Guide to North Carolina Art and Design Degree Programs

North Carolina offers a range of educational opportunities for its students. People can choose to participate in many different degree programs, but one that is growing pretty significantly is art and design. With an art and design degree, you can go into a number of different careers, including that of an Art Historian, Film Producer, Landscape Artist, Illustrator, or Animator, as well as countless other creative and technological careers. Within this state you may go to King’s College, The Art Institute, or ITT Tech. Online programs may also be found to help you get a degree in your chosen field.

The courses that you take as an art and design major will vary based on the focus that you have. An Art Restorer will hold a much different schedule than a Graphic Designer simply because the two careers have completely different knowledge demands. No matter what you choose to go into, you can at least expect to take some sort of basic courses, like math or science. Other than that, your upper division courses will be completely determined by the degree sheet you have to follow. Contact your university to see what that path may entail.

North Carolina Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

There is expected to be a decent growth in the art and design field for the next several years. To be precise, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics assumes that a 16% growth is imminent over the next seven years. This is for the field in general though, so your specific focus may not fall within that number. Your path might see growth in the ten percent range, or it may reach numbers more than twenty. Growth as a whole is likely to occur no matter what though, so you should not have a terrible time finding a job after graduation.

Chances are you will end up self employed after a few short years of internship. That is because the creative side of the field demands an opportunity to express oneself. The best way to do that is by having your own business. With that you can determine exactly how much money you make. The median for this field is $60,000 a year, but you must consider the fact that many people enter the field making around $30,000 a year. You control your earning potential, so remain focused on your tasks and you may end up with quite an earning record.

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