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Cosmetology Schools in North Carolina

Guide to North Carolina Cosmetology Programs

Finding a cosmetology program in North Carolina is not terribly hard to do. There are a variety of programs that you could choose to go into, both in the traditional classroom setting and on the internet. For the physically available schools, you can look into a place like Empire Beauty Schools, Regency Beauty Institute, or Miller-Mote Technical College. All of these schools are recognized on a national level and can provide you with highly adequate training. If you have an unusual schedule or just learn better on your own, you might want to try some of the internet based programs offered by the Minnesota School of Business, Lincoln College of Technology, or Globe University.

The kind of training that you will go into will be based a lot on the type of work that you want to do after you get your license. Most educational programs only last for nine months, at which time you learn all of the basics needed for work. There may be some specific areas that aren’t covered, and that is why there is a two week training program for most salons that you would be employed in. After that, you will be a full-fledged member of the team.

North Carolina Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for this field in North Carolina is much like that of the nation as a whole. The fact is that we have all become a little vain, and the beauty industry has grown accordingly. The population is always growing in general, which leads to an overall growth in jobs. However, the expansion for cosmetology is supposed to exceed that of the jobs nationwide, so there is something to be said for the demand of good cosmetologists. The only limits you will have on job availability will come with upscale salons. Those are usually filled with competition, but securing a job in such a place is well worth any efforts you may put out.

Why is getting a job in a higher end salon so significant? Because of the money! Indeed, you can earn a whole lot more money if you work in a place where people are willing to pay well for your services. Much of your earnings will be the result of the tips you earn, so it’s nice to get a good customer base of wealthy people ready to pay for your time and talents. Being good at the job is one thing, but there is also something to be said for charm. Some people make $15 an hour or more just because of their personalities.

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