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Culinary Arts School in North Carolina

Guide to North Carolina Culinary Arts Degree Programs

If you are seeking a degree in culinary arts in North Carolina, you should be pleasantly surprised by your options. You may also look at getting a travel degree at King’s College in Charlotte if you are looking for the tourist style food degree.

North Carolina culinary arts programs are no different than those of any other state. They will have some sort of focus for you to go into, and that may include working with pastries or working in hospitality. Your classes will be a direct result of the kind of focus you go into. You will be required to take the basics, like math, science, history, and English. Some schools even require foreign languages as part of their core curriculums. You can pick from a bunch of different electives to further expand your experience in culinary arts.

North Carolina Culinary Arts Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for people in the field of culinary arts is expected to remain positive for the coming years. That said, there will still be immense competition for executive chef positions. Those are among the highest paying jobs for the field, and people strive for them more than anything else. If you are just looking for a starting position to get your foot in the door, you should have no trouble at all in locating something that fits your knowledge and skills.

If you are lucky enough to obtain one of the prestigious positions mentioned earlier, you may be making $60,000 or more a year. It just depends on the restaurant you work for and the amount of time you spend on the job. Starting jobs usually pay around $40,000 on an annual basis, though some rates may be a bit lower than that. There is such a great opportunity for improvement within the field though that it is almost illogical to not at least give it a shot. You could very well create a million dollar restaurant with the right idea and motivation. It just takes a little bit of drive and a degree in culinary arts to do that.

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