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Paralegal Schools in North Carolina

Guide to North Carolina Paralegal Degree Programs

Have you ever thought about working in the legal system but didn’t want to go through law school? If so, then a paralegal degree may be just what you had in mind. With such an education, you can work as a legal assistant in preparing lawyers for closings, meeting, and hearings that they may have to go through. Many of the tasks that are now assigned to paralegals were once only done by lawyers. With these changes at hand, getting a good education is going to be the start of your success. North Carolina offers two institutes to get training from, and they are Miller-Motte Technical College and King’s College. There are also degree programs available online at places like Colorado Technical University Online and Kaplan University.

After you have enrolled in a university, you might want to consider how high of a degree you want to get. For students who have college experience already, a certificate program might be the only thing necessary for employment. Otherwise you will need to get an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. An associate’s will be enough to get you employed almost anywhere, but the additional training of the baccalaureate program may be just what you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

North Carolina Paralegal Job Outlook and Salary

In the state of North Carolina, you will see the same positive job outlook for paralegal positions. There are a number of jobs coming available in the future as paralegals being to take on even more vital roles in the judicial system. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has predicted a 28 percent growth in jobs for this sector between 2008 and 2018. This is far more than most other jobs. While the population continues to grow, there will be even more fuel for the fire.

There is no real way to determine what you might make as a paralegal because the job covers a vast range of job opportunities. We can, however, look at the averages for some positions. If you choose to work for Employment Services, you might make $50,000. If you work as a manager of a company, you might make $55,000 a year. Government positions typically pay $60,000 a year or more, so those are the ones you might want to aim for. They are usually coupled with great competition though, so be aware that you will need to stand out a bit if you are to gain employment.

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