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Accounting Schools in North Dakota

Guide to North Dakota Accounting Degree Programs

If you are looking to get a degree in accounting at a physical institute in North Dakota, your options will be limited to Rasmussen College. There you can study at a bachelor or associate level and get prepared for grad school, if applicable. Rasmussen has two locations: one in Fargo and one in Bismarck. It, however, is not your only option overall. There are web-based degree programs available that allow you to go to school right online. In doing this, you can easily obtain a degree without ever leaving the comfort of your own home or office. Programs are available at some of the top online institutes, such as American InterContinental University, the University of Phoenix, and DeVry University.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a traditional degree program or if you choose to go through one online. The courses you take along the way should be about the same. As expected, you may take classes like English and math because they are part of the core curriculum. Then there will be more career specific courses out there, like federal taxation, leadership and business, intermediate financial accounting and business law. Course titles may change from school to school, but they will all be about the same.

North Dakota Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

After you earn your degree in accounting, you will be able to start applying for jobs in your area. Since this is an expanding field, you will be happy to know that there should be jobs available for you. Some of them may be fraught with more competition than others, but nevertheless the opportunities are out there. A growing economy has led to the development of more businesses, and those businesses need people like you to manage their financial reporting. Do your job right and you should be able to see great advances along the way.

Since there are different levels of employment in accounting, there are different levels of pay that you may make. A starting salary of $33,000 is standard for some lines of work, but other starting pays may be $45,000 a year. Where you fall along this line can be determined by the place that you work for. The government is going to pay the most money, and contract work comes in at a close second. Self employment may provide the least stable source of income, but if you’re good at your job and develop the right clientele, you still should be able to pull in over $40,000 at least working on your own.

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