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Criminal Justice Degrees in North Dakota

Guide to North Dakota Criminal Justice Schools

North Dakota doesn’t have a lot of criminal justice schools, but the programs that it does offer are high-quality courses. You can find North Dakota criminal justice schools all over the state in the form of colleges or universities, as well as technical schools, vocational programs, and online courses that can provide you with the criminal justice education that you need. Whichever program you choose is completely up to you, as long as you get the education that will lead you to a successful career in the future.

North Dakota is often sought because of its serene beauty and its low population density and cost of living. Online programs are usually the most successful unless you live in a major city where a college is located. You can learn everything in your own time with online courses, allowing you to live your life and get your degree at the same time. You can get your certificate or associate degree and be done in two years or less with your education. Of course, if you choose you can go on to higher education and get a more lucrative position in the criminal justice industry.

North Dakota Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

North Dakota’s economy is fairly stable, and isn’t expected to grow by leaps and bounds any time soon. However, there are criminal justice jobs available and plenty of them to choose from. You can find private and public sector jobs in all areas, including corrections, law enforcement, security, legal careers, and more. If you’re just starting your education, the growth of the criminal justice industry as a whole will provide you with options when you’re ready for them, so don’t worry about not having jobs in North Dakota when you need them.

Careers in criminal justice have a wide pay scale, depending on the exact position that you choose and the education that you have. In general, those in enforcement careers will earn between $34,000 and $50,000 on average for their positions. Legal occupations earn an average of $67,000 in North Dakota, with lawyers at the top brining in nearly $95,000 annually. Legal assistants, paralegals, legal aides, and other support careers will earn average incomes around $39,000 annually, which again depends on the position and education held. While it might not be the most popular state in the country for criminal justice careers, North Dakota can offer you a successful future when you get your degree and career in criminal justice.

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