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Nurse Practitioner Degree

Your online resource for Nurse Practitioner Degree and Career Information. Nurse practitioner degree programs are in between RN and BSN programs in most cases. Generally, it requires at least a two-year degree with occasional extra certification depending on the state of licensure. Nurse practitioners can work with the supervision of a physician or without it, giving them more freedom but also more duties to perform on a regular basis. These professionals can write prescriptions in many states and are licensed to diagnose and treat patients. In fact, many pharmacies are starting to offer wellness clinics for minor illnesses like colds and sinus infections with only a nurse practitioner on staff. Due to this and the growing need for more doctors and professionals to take care of patients in an office setting, the nurse practitioner degree is a valuable one. Education required for this position generally takes between 2 and 4 years, depending on licensing requirements in each state. However, the slight amount of extra training pales in comparison to the increase in job status and income. Careers in doctors' offices, clinics, and even hospitals and assisted living are available to those with a nurse practitioner degree.

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