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Nursing Assistant Aide

Your online resource for Nursing Assistant Aide Education and Career Information. A nursing assistant aide is more commonly referred to as a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant. This career requires very little postsecondary education, and can usually be completed in high school vocational programs or through on-the-job training. The certification process involves a competency test to demonstrate the abilities that are required in this position. CNAs will work with nurses to provide basic needs and patient care that is minimal. Most commonly, the nursing assistant aide position is the one responsible for taking care of bathing, cleaning, and changing patients as well as changing beds and keeping nurses and others updated on patient conditions. Most commonly, a nursing assistant aide will work in a nursing home or assisted care setting. However, they are also valuable in hospitals and health centers for a variety of tasks. This nursing position ranks right below the LVN or LPN position, and is the most basic nursing job that can be found. The certification will need to be renewed, like any nursing license, so continuing education is a must for professionals in this career.

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