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Your online resource for Nursing Science Education and Career Information. Nursing science, another term for the BSN (Bachelor's of Science in Nursing) degree, is a program that is very popular among those currently working in the RN profession. The transition from RN to BSN takes only two years in most cases because of the previous formal training that was taken for RN licensing. For new students, the program is a 4-year degree that focuses on teaching theory and nursing science, research, leadership, and techniques and new technology in the nursing field. Focusing on the science aspect of the career, it offers more technical training and the ability to do more medically involved jobs than an RN might be able. Additionally, the education in theory and leadership that comes with a nursing science education opens the door to administrative and management positions within healthcare systems around the country. While many who obtain degrees in nursing science will remain RNs, there are many who seek management positions or administration careers for better pay and higher levels of success. Continuing education in nursing science will be required to maintain licensure every 1-2 years, as determined by each state.

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