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Nutrition & Dietician Degrees

Your online resource for Nutrition and Dietician Degrees and Career Information. Nutrition science and dietician degree programs offer the study of diet and health and their direct relation to disease and illness. People who pursue nutrition and dietician degrees will find that they have many choices in careers once they obtain their degrees. The courses that are studied include nutrition and food science, dietary education, developing meal plans, preparation of food, and research in nutrition habits. Anyone who completes the nutrition or dietician degree will become a registered dietitian (RD) or a dietetic technician, registered (DTR). Nutritionists will simply be known as that, and both can find many different careers in healthcare facilities, private practice, gyms and health clubs, and other places where their services might be needed. For anyone who is a fanatic about nutrition and healthy eating, getting a degree and career in this field might seem like the perfect fit. Courses are generally two years or less in length and there are plenty of future prospects for job growth in this field.

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