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Accounting Schools in Ohio

Guide to Ohio Accounting Degree Programs

For being such a small state, Ohio has a surprisingly high number of accounting schools that you may go to. There are programs available online or through a traditional classroom setting. If the classroom provides the best learning environment for you, there is no shortage of schools. Programs are available through Antonelli College, National College, Remington College, Southwestern College, Bradford School Columbus, and many others. In any of those, you will be able to take classes as if they were live, but they will be available entirely online.

Getting a degree can only happen if you fulfill the course requirements outlined by your university. There are some changes from one place to another, but the classes overall are pretty much the same. You will endure the basics like math and English, but then you may move onto something a bit more career specific. Such courses may include personal finance, auditing, communication for accountants, government and nonprofit accounting, and other looks at the various sectors of the field. You may also be able to get a minor in a foreign language or something else of your choice if you allot your electives correctly.

Ohio Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook in Ohio is much the same as it would be across the nation. Accountants are in increasing demand nowadays, and the job outlook is expected to remain positive for quite some time. This can be attributed to a lot of different things, but one of the main ones is the development of new businesses. As more places start to emerge, so will the need for accounting departments to control the finances of the businesses. Punishments for improper reporting are higher than ever, so now many business owners have been scared into hiring a good team of people to keep the reports correct.

Since you should be able to find a job fairly easily, you need to be aware that different positions will come with different pay. Your annual earnings will also change with your experience in the field. To start off, you may make between $10 an hour and $15 an hour, but that number could go up to $26 an hour over the course of time. Again, that all depends on your employer though. The government will pay the most money, but you can still find solid and rewarding work as a self employed accountant or working for some other organization.

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