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Art & Design Degrees in Ohio

Guide to Ohio Art and Design Degrees

Are you passionate about a certain medium of art? Does your interest lie in preserving antique works of art? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may want to consider pursuing a degree in art and design. Ohio possesses a variety of academic institutions that will allow you to hone and develop your skills as an artist. This list of notable institutes includes ITT Technical Institute, the Art Institute of Ohio, and the Academy of Art University. There are also programs available through a variety of community colleges and online programs. These options can be an ideal choice if your schedule will not allow you to attend full time classes.

The course load you can expect to take in school will depend upon the specific degree of art and design you are pursuing, as well as your minor. There will be core curriculum courses, such as math and science, which you will be required to take just as you would with any other major. According to the college you attend, you may be required to additional courses in language or business. The classes you take when you become an upper classman will be designed specifically for your major.

Ohio Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

After you have obtained your degree in art and design, you will be equipped to choose from a plethora of careers based upon your specific field of study. You may choose to work as a self employed artist or you may choose to enter into one of the more technical aspects of art and design. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that there will be a 16% increase in job growth in these fields. According to job outlook reports for the state, researchers project a 23.5% increase for Interior Designers in the field, a 16.9% increase for people with Graphic Designer positions, a 15.1% rise in Advertising Professions, and an 11% increase each for Musicians and Photographers.

Most people who have received their degree in art and design are self employed. It is estimated that 62% of graduates are. However, it is possible to work for a large firm, and art house or an animation company depending on where you interests lie. Your talent, location, and experience are going to be the main factors that will affect your income and salary as an artist. As you gain more experience, you can expect your client base to grow. That will lead to even more money and a more prosperous career.

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