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Business Degrees in Ohio

Guide to Business Schools in Ohio

All that you need to get started in your business career in Ohio is an education. Speaking of education, Ohio has plenty of great business schools including The Ohio State University, BGSU, and the Universities of Findlay and Toledo, both of which are known for their business and MBA programs.

Of course, you can choose the less traditional route of online education if you'd like, which will afford you the chance to get on the path to work quicker than a traditional education would. Either way, you can expect plenty of opportunities for business management, administration, finance and accounting, and sales and marketing. Whether you choose Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Toledo, there are plentiful business jobs for those who seek them. With many different companies and business schools to choose from, there is a world of opportunity to be found in Ohio for those who get a business degree. An associates or bachelor degree will get you started on the path to success with your business career, while an MBA can take you to the next level.

Ohio Business Job Outlook and Salary

Ohio is one of many Midwestern states known primarily for agriculture, not so much for business. However, if you are pursuing a business education in Ohio, there are many advantages and reasons to do so. Ohio is actually known for being the business center of production and manufacturing for the Midwest, and is a member of the well known Corn Belt. There are many large companies that call Ohio home, making it the perfect place to get a business degree and career for anyone. In Ohio, you will find famous companies such as: Procter & Gamble, Iams, Smuckers, Marathon Oil, Cooper Tire & Rubber, Jeep, and other auto plants.

There are also many business jobs available in the tourism industry, as Ohio is home to two major amusement parks and a multitude of lakes and rivers that turn the state into a haven for fishing and boating. Considering that the average business development manager brings in around $79,000 annually, the wages are fairly comparable to other states, although slightly lower than the national average. It isn't unheard of for high-level management and top executives to break the $100,000 mark in some business careers, either. All in all, business education and careers in Ohio are worth checking out. This of course, is compensated for by the low cost of living that Ohio boasts for all residents. It's not New York City, but it's definitely a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

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