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Engineering Degrees in Ohio

Guide to Ohio Engineering Schools

Ohio is a very busy state with a very diverse economy. There are more than 150 different colleges and technical schools in the state, as well-known schools, Oberlin College and Case Western Reserve University. If you are in Ohio looking for an engineering degree, you have definitely chosen a good place to pursue that path. Ohio is also home to Ohio University, Bowling Green State University, Wright State University, and The Ohio State University. All of these schools as well as others in the state have engineering programs to choose from for those people who seek them.

In the event that you can’t find the engineering program that you desire in a traditional college or if you are simply having trouble finding the time to get a typical education, you can choose online programs to obtain your engineering degree. There are many different online schools that accept students from Ohio, and even distance learning programs offered by some schools in the state. There are 8 Ohio technical colleges, 13 state universities, and 46 private Ohio colleges, among others just waiting for you to choose the engineering degree that you want to pursue.

Ohio Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Ohio is diverse in its business as much as it is in its education. There are plenty of industries that matter in Ohio, including business, manufacturing, agriculture, and even engineering. The average engineer in Ohio makes $81,000 annually, which is quite substantial when compared to the median household income of $39,000 throughout the state. The most popular engineering jobs are aerospace engineering, computer hardware engineering, petroleum engineering, and nuclear engineering, seeing that Ohio is home to the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant.

Engineers can make up to $95,000 or more on average in Ohio, especially when they work in one of the most coveted disciplines. As far as the job outlook goes, there are many different opportunities for engineers in the state currently, and there will be more opportunity in the future as Ohio continues to grow and expand its economy, including the engineering industry. All in all, Ohio is a great place to live and work due to the great number of jobs and the fact that it has the highest population density of any state that isn’t located on the Eastern Seaboard. Plenty of people mean plenty of money and plenty of money means jobs galore for engineering professionals and other jobs that are critical to the Ohio economy.

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