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Human Resources Degrees in Ohio

From the shores of Lake Erie to the Kentucky line, Ohio companies need skilled Human Resources personnel to help staff their business organizations with talented professionals. Human Resources schools in Ohio prepare you for a challenging role with staffing firms, companies, governmental agencies and non-profit corporations that count on you to find the right employees. If you're a busy professional or working parent, online HR classes in Ohio are designed to mesh with your schedule while preparing you for entering the HR field or advancing into management once you're there. The State of Ohio has predicted a 23.6 percent growth in jobs for Employment, Recruitment and Placement Specialists between 2008 and 2018. That means recruiters will be hiring more newly trained recruiters. Undergraduate HR degrees in Ohio prep you for entry level and mid-level placement, training, benefits and other roles, while earning a master's degree or MBA can qualify you to move into a role as HR manager, labor relations specialist or compensations analyst. In 2009, Ohio Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists earned a median annual wage of $46,380. Human Resources Managers earned $104,050, while Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialists took home $54,070. Discover how HR classes in Ohio can position you for success.

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