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Guide to Ohio Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Ohio is a state with a varied past. It started out as frontier and moved into an agricultural giant. The northern cities began producing tires and caught part of the industrial revolution. The twentieth century brought banking and finance to its shores along with automotive production. Currently, the state is undergoing another evolution. The state offers those looking to become a massage therapist many options. Schools abound in all of the major urban centers and some of the smaller towns as well.

The urban centers near Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati produce the majority of job options for massage therapists. However, there are several college towns and smaller cities around the state as well. The population of the state has been in fluctuation for decades due to population shift. Ohio is still one of the largest states in the country however, sitting at number seven among the states. Agriculture and manufacturing dominate the north and western parts of the state. The southeast part of the state is home to many coalmines. Where can the great Buckeye State take your massage therapy training?  

Ohio Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Ohio does bring job opportunities to those entering the field of massage therapy. Urban centers and college towns provide the greatest opportunity to build a steady client role. These are mainly in the north and western parts of the state. The state of Ohio does require registration and licensure of massage therapists. The Massage Licensing Division of the State Medical Board of Ohio handles this work. The board requires all candidates to pass a state exam to prove their qualifications.

Massage therapists in Ohio can expect to start making $15,000 to $17,000 per year to begin with. This number will vary greatly until a therapist builds their client base. Some larger hotels may employ therapists in a spa setting. As they gain experience and a steady client list, that salary averages out to around $29,000. This is below the national median salary of $34,900. Those practicing nearer the urban centers can expect a higher annual income since they can demand higher fees. Those in rural settings can offset the lower fees with a lower cost of living. The Ohio Bureau of Labor Market Information expects the state’s demand for massage therapists will grow by 19% in the next few years. This is just under the national average of 20%. The urban areas and college towns provide much of this demand growth.

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