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Nursing Schools in Ohio

Guide to Ohio Nursing Degree Programs

There are quite a number of Ohio nursing schools available for individuals who are planning to take up nursing. If you are one of those who are still unsure whether to take up nursing or not, it is worth noting that the demand for registered nurses in the state is at an all-time high. Besides, after you graduate and pass the licensure exam for nursing, you can take a pick from top Ohio hospitals and medical centers, such as Cleveland Clinic, Ohio State University Medical Center and University Hospitals of Cleveland.

Another reason why working as a nurse in Ohio is a good option is due to the numerous organizations created in order to help promote the welfare and continuing education of nurses in the state.  Some nurses’ associations even guide and train students at Ohio nursing schools so that the students will be ready to take on the challenges of being a top notch healthcare provider. These organizations are also important in assuring that the working environment and compensation of nurses are protected at all times. Among the top nursing associations that registered nurses can truly rely on when it comes to finding opportunities and acquiring skills training are the Ohio Nurse Association and the Ohio League for Nursing.

Ohio Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

The increasing number of aging nurses as well as the rise in the population of seniors in Ohio is causing a nursing shortage. By 2010, around 3,887 registered nurses vacancies will need to be filled in Northeast Ohio alone. In the rest of the state, a 12% shortage of nurses is expected by 2010. What’s more, there is no sign that the nurse shortage in Ohio will abate in the next few years. Thus, if you are planning on enrolling in one of the many Ohio nursing schools, you do not have to worry about getting employment after you graduate.

Also, individuals who are interested in taking up nursing in Ohio nursing schools need not be troubled about where they can get financing for their tuition fees. The Ohio Nurses Foundation was created mainly to give scholarships to deserving students who are majoring in nursing.

In order to attract registered nurses to practice their profession, both private and government hospitals in the state are giving incentives and high starting salaries to qualified applicants. For instance, the base salary of staff nurses in Cleveland and Springfield ranges from $51, 228 to $74,541 and $50,696 to $73,767, respectively.

Additional Nursing Schools in Ohio

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