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Paralegal Schools in Ohio

Guide to Ohio Paralegal Degree Programs

Ohio is home to a surprising number of schools that offer paralegal education programs. You can choose to study in almost any sector of the state with ten different locations to select from. In terms of the schools available, some of the popular ones include Brown Mackie College, RETS College, ACR, Bradford School, and Herzing University. Any of those schools will provide you with proper hands on training for the career, but you also have the option to attend a school online. This will provide the same knowledge on a virtual level. To do this, there are many schools in the country you could look into. Some of the most popular ones though are Kaplan University, Colorado Technical University Online, and South University.

Choosing to go to school online or in a classroom is a matter of personal preference. Regardless of what you choose to do, you will get the same education. First you might look at getting an associate’s degree, or you could go as far as a bachelor’s. For people who already have college to back them up, a few months of training may be all it takes to get a valid certificate. To get your education, you will have to go through a school that is verified by the American Bar Association. Check your school’s credentials before applying.

Ohio Paralegal Job Outlook and Salary

Once you have received a proper education you can begin your trek to an actual job. Fortunately, the job outlook is quite positive for this job field. Paralegal positions are available all over now as these people become a more integral part of the judicial system. The fact remains that it costs companies less money to employ a paralegal than it does to employ a lawyer. Thus companies are passing certain tasks down to paralegals as a way to make their jobs more cost effective.

There is a range of earnings found for people in this job sector. Paralegals in the state of Ohio could earn anywhere from $36,000 on up, with some earning close to double that amount. The reason for the vast gap is because paralegals can work in many different areas of a community. Most are employed by independent firms, but there are positions available with the government or corporations. The government is actually one of the best places to look for upper level jobs as the tasks done there are a bit more advanced than they are with other employers.

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