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Ultrasound Technician Schools in Ohio

Guide to Ohio Ultrasound & Sonographer Degree Programs

If you are thinking of becoming an ultrasound technician, consider furthering your education in the state of Ohio.  This state has many options for students to earn certification or a degree as a sonographer.  The main focus of your training will revolve around learning to use the equipment needed to perform ultrasound procedures.  You will not only gain an understanding of how this sound wave technology works, you will also become skilled at creating images of the internal structures of the body such as organs, blood circulation, fetus development, and breast tissue.  An education as an ultrasound technician allows you to be an integral part of providing quality healthcare to patients without some of the messy tasks that need to be performed by medical assistants and nurses. This is a fascinating field of study, and no two days on the job will be the same.

Ultrasound and sonographer degree programs are available in several different tracks that can take as little as one year or as much as four years.  No matter which course of study you follow, once you are on the job, you can expect to continue taking classes throughout your career.  The changes in technology in this field occur rapidly and you won’t want to be left behind your peers.  Many employers will offer incentives and aid packages for you to advance your skills as a sonographer in one of a number of specialty areas.

Ohio Ultrasound & Sonographer Job Outlook and Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for an ultrasound technician is favorable.  The BLS is forecasting an increase in employment opportunities of around nineteen percent over the next six years, which is a much higher rate of growth than that of many other occupations. This means that students who are just beginning their studies will find that numerous employment options are available to them. Most sonographers find work in hospital settings, but many can find other unique arrangements such as working for a mobile imaging service.  The work environment for an ultrasound technician is typically clean and sanitary.  In order to read the equipment properly, the ultrasound room will be dimly lit.  Sonographers working in hospitals may need to take the equipment to the patient rather than vice versa, so the ability to move the machinery through hallways and elevators will be important.

Salaries for ultrasound technicians in Ohio are quite competitive with averages ranging from $54,000 to $75,000 per year.  Ultrasound technician salaries will vary depending on the years of experience and specialization of the employee.  Other factors affecting the salary amount include the employment setting.  Sonographers working in busy urban hospitals in Cleveland and Cincinnati will make more money than sonographers working in private physician offices in rural areas.  Along with the annual salary, ultrasound technicians can expect to receive valuable benefit packages from their employers.

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