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Art & Design Degrees in Oklahoma

Guide to Oklahoma Art and Design Degrees

If you possess artistic talent that you wish to develop, then you should investigate the possibility of obtaining your degree in art and design. Oklahoma has a wide variety of universities and art programs that will aid you in developing your skills. Such schools include the University of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma School of Photography, and East Central University. There are a number of community colleges that offer degree programs, as well as online and hybrid programs. There should be a program that will work comfortably around your schedule.

The course load that you will undertake when getting your degree in art and design will be largely dependent upon your chosen field of study. There are numerous creative and technical fields of art that a student can choose to specialize in. You can expect to be required to take a core curriculum of classes that will largely consist of classes in math, science, and English. According to the program you are enrolled in, you may also have to take additional classes in language or business. If you are required to have a minor, those classes will add to your course load as well.

Oklahoma Art and Design Outlook and Salary

Most students who obtain a degree in art and design will become self employed upon graduation. This number is estimated to be approximately 62% of graduates. With the job market being currently unstable, your job opportunities will fluctuate. Your geographic location and specialization will also influence your job prospects. However, in Oklahoma there are expected to be an estimated 4,000 jobs that will be added in this field by 2012. Some of the more opportunistic career fields in Oklahoma include Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Animation, Web Design, and Game Design.

The U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that there will be a 16% job increase in the art and technology sector by 2016. Therefore, it almost guaranteed that you will be able to find employment within your field of specialization. Your salary will be dependent upon the job you choose. Most self employed artists make around $60,000 a year. However, this is a shaky median that cannot be maintained for all careers. Your skill level is going to be crucial in allowing you to build your client base. As your client base grows, you can expect to see your annual income increase as well. There are jobs available that will bring you steady income if that is what you desire.

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