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Operations Management Degrees

Your online resource for Operations Management Degrees and Career Information. Operations management positions are going to be in high demand within the next decade, due mostly to the increasing number of professionals who are reaching retirement age or who will be through the year 2018. Therefore, students pursuing operations management degrees can count on job opportunities when their education is completed. On the job, an operations manager will be responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the operations of their company or business. Their job is to formulate policies and products, determine layouts, create schedules, and control inventory and logistics. There are many options for education, including an MBA with a focus in operations management and a specific master's of operations management program to choose from. The skills that students learn include leadership, problem solving, interpersonal communication, and an understanding of people and processes. People with operations management degrees will find careers in many types of corporate and manufacturing settings. Ultimately, any business will need an operations manager, giving students plenty of options after their education is completed.

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