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Ophthalmic Technician

Your online resource for Ophthalmic Technician Training and Career Information. The role of the ophthalmic technician is to assist the eye doctor with patient care. These professionals are required to help with medical history, contact lens education, eye medication dosing and administering, medication instruction, diagnostic testing, maintaining equipment and the workplace, and training other assistants. The ophthalmic technician is required to attend a training program that lasts between 12 and 18 months to become certified in their knowledge and skills. Students will learn about various eye health issues, including retina, pediatrics, glaucoma issues, cornea health, and neuro-ophthalmology. Students also will receive hands-on training in the field and can study more on the job as time goes on. The career is one that is gaining popularity as more eye doctors have more patients and less time to spend with them on their own. Future growth for this career will be quite good, and graduates of the program can choose to work in private eye clinics, chain stores, or wherever they choose with their certification.

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