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Art & Design Degrees in Oregon

Guide to Oregon Art and Design Degrees

There is no better educational opportunity for an aspiring artist to learn how to hone and develop their creative talents than by obtaining their degree in art and design. Oregon retains a number of universities and colleges for a student to select from for their education. A student may choose to attend the Ashland Academy of Art, the Art Institute of Seattle, Eastern Oregon University, or a number of programs that are offered through various community colleges. You can also receive a degree through an online program.  There is no shortage of educational opportunities in Oregon.

A degree in art and design will have a variety of subject matter. The specific classes that you will take are dependent upon what your chosen field of study is. There are many technical and creative specializations that a student can choose to major in. Almost all students will be required to take a basic core curriculum, which will include classes in English, math, and science. The classes you will take as an upper classman will be devoted specifically to your major. Depending upon what your chosen field of study is, you may have the opportunity to receive a graduate degree after graduation.

Oregon Art and Design Outlook and Salary

The majority of students who graduate with their degree in art and design will become self employed artists. According to what specialization your degree is in, your job prospects will be varied. Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Animation are just a few of the career choices available to you. Oregon is often described as a Photographer’s dream. The scenery is simply unparalleled there. The art community, including the field of Photography, is expected to see a growth of 16% by the year 2016. Oregon can be a prime location for one to develop their skills in.

Your annual income with a degree in art and design is going to be around $60,000 a year. This figure tends to be an unstable reference point. This is because of the many variables it depends on. There will be some years that a career with a steady paycheck will earn more than a self employed artist. There will be years where the complete opposite is true. Your geographic location and skill level will be factors in your job prospects. As your client base grows, you can expect your annual income to increase as well.  Overall, there is a lot of earning potential in the degree, but you have to have the mindset to go out and grab it.

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