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Criminal Justice Degrees in Oregon

Guide to Oregon Criminal Justice Schools

Oregon criminal justice schools offer programs for all kinds of students. Whether you’re seeking a particular degree program or if you just want to get an education, you can choose from many well-established traditional colleges and universities. You’ll also have your choice of Oregon technical and vocational schools and online courses for legal careers within the criminal justice field. Whatever you desire, it’s yours for the taking in Oregon. Online courses are great for those who don’t live close to the major cities in the state, because they are accessible to anyone. They’re also more affordable and flexible than typical college degree programs.

Oregon has a culture like no other. The indie-folk artistic lifestyle of Portland is mixed with a professional culture that offers many high-paying careers in professional fields. There are also a significant number of rural residents, and agriculture is surprisingly important to the economy. When you choose to live and attend schools in Oregon, you’ll find an environment like no other with all kinds of interesting people to meet. Get your criminal justice certificate or associate degree and get started on the path to success quick, or pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree for more career options and better paying careers.

Oregon Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Oregon’s economy is surprisingly strong. There are many industries that make up the whole of the economy, providing a variety of career options for people who come to the state. Criminal justice isn’t going to be the hottest career field by any means, but there is certainly plenty of room for growth into the future as the population increases and the economy continues to improve over time. The cost of living is slightly higher in Oregon, as it is in most states in the Pacific Northwest. However, the quality of life and the salaries earned by professionals more than compensates for that difference.

Oregon criminal justice careers pay quite well. Those interested in careers in the police and corrections industries can expect to earn about $55,000 on average for their skills. Lawyers and judges will earn an average salary of around $$100,000 annually, depending on their exact position and experience. Even legal aides and paralegals make more than the national average in Oregon, bringing in around $47,000 annually. Great salaries, great job opportunities, and a very impressive quality of life make Oregon a great place to choose for your criminal justice education and career.

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