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Health Care Degrees in Oregon

Guide to Oregon Healthcare Schools

Oregon is a state with plenty of opportunities in many different career fields. It might not be known for the best weather or even the best opportunities in the U.S., but there is plenty to offer. If you can handle a lot of rainy days, getting a healthcare degree in Oregon can be a great choice. Whether you choose to study at Oregon State, the University of Oregon, or any of the other dozens of schools in the state, you can trust that you’ll get a healthcare education that will set you up for success. Oregon has a variety of cities and towns to choose from, including many that are very beautiful and focused on the natural beauty that surrounds them.

What better place to get an education than Oregon? You can choose from just about any healthcare profession that you want and find a school that provides a great program for you. Plus, even though the cost of living in Oregon is slightly higher than average, you can earn a great salary with a healthcare degree in this state. You will have your choice of traditional or online programs, depending on what suits you best. Keep in mind that online programs are great if you are looking to fast-track your education or if you need something more convenient and flexible than a traditional college education offers.

Oregon Healthcare Job Outlook and Salary

Future careers in Oregon are plentiful. The healthcare industry, in particular, covers so many specific careers that are all going to be seeing substantial growth in the future. Some positions might grow more slowly or steadily than others, but healthcare in general has a good future in Oregon. As long as the population keeps increasing and the number of professionals retiring continues to climb, there will be plenty of different healthcare careers available to recent and future graduates who hold healthcare degrees of all kinds.

Healthcare workers get paid an average annual salary of $76,000 in the state of Oregon. You have to keep in mind that this includes every single healthcare profession that exists from technician jobs to specialty surgeons and high-status positions, though. The specialty healthcare jobs in Oregon can easily earn more than $210,000 annually, while even the lower end of the spectrum will garner wages of $40,000 on average. Oregon has a great quality of life, plentiful healthcare degree programs and careers, and can provide you with the career and life that you’ve always wanted.

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