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Human Resources Degrees in Oregon

Human resources schools in Oregon are the first step to rewarding and challenging careers in the field of human resources. HR schools in Oregon provide excellent opportunities to earn bachelor's degrees in human resources administration, labor relations, and industrial administration. Students can study in both campus-based and online human resources classes in Oregon. Bachelor's degrees are generally required for entry-level human resources positions and master's degrees are required for promotions and management opportunities. HR classes in Oregon usually include studies in principles of management, labor law, organization, collective bargaining, accounting, and finance. The role of training and development manager is a typical career path for graduates with human resources degrees in Oregon. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for training and development managers in May 2009 in Oregon was an estimated $85,490. The lowest paid 10% of employed training and development managers earned an estimated $58,870 and the highest 10% earned $126,710. Approximately 230 people worked specifically as training and development managers in Oregon that year. These wages compared favorably with the overall median annual wage of $33,610 for all occupations in the state. Similar human resources careers for graduates of campus-based degree programs, as well as online HR courses in Oregon, include compensation and benefits managers, human resources managers, and employment, recruitment, and placement specialists.

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