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Paralegal Schools in Oregon

Guide to Oregon Paralegal Degree Programs

The state of Oregon is home to a number of schools in which you can attend a paralegal degree program. The first thing you have to determine is whether or not you want to get your degree online or if you need the hands on training available through the classroom. Some people work better with a professor there to guide the way, and for others that only slows them down. Given that you do need those professors to be around, try going to one of the schools offered in Oregon, such as Pioneer Pacific College. For the more computer bound among us, try going to a school like Colorado Technical University Online, Kaplan University, or South University.

There are a variety of courses that you might encounter when studying to become a paralegal. These courses remain fairly standard across the board. Regardless of whether you are going for an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or some sort of certificate in paralegal studies, you will be taking the courses necessary to prepare legal paperwork and assist lawyers in their daily needs. Most colleges will require you to go through some of the core curriculum which may include math, English, or history. Some programs may even request that you complete a foreign language class for a couple years, depending on the needs of the area.  

Oregon Paralegal Job Outlook and Salary

There is a fantastic outlook for jobs in the field of paralegal work. The reason for this is because paralegals are becoming far more integral in the judicial system nowadays. They are now taking on the tasks of lawyers so that employers do not have to spend as much on labor. In this economy, any money that can be saved is considered a plus. This is a good thing for people in this field because it means that more jobs will be available after graduation. Now is the best time to get involved.

You cannot really know how much money you will make as a paralegal until you get a job. Location will be an important factor in how much you make, but so will the amount of time you have spent on the job. Seniority matters a lot, and even more important than that is the kind of employer you choose to work for. The government is going to be the best paying venue around, but many independent firms and corporations pay well also. You might make anywhere from $36,000 to $60,000 a year if you fall within the median 50 percentile.

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