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Patient Care Assistant Technician

Your online resource for Patient Care Assistant Technician Education and Career Information. The patient care assistant technician works alongside doctors and nurses in a medical setting to provide patient care. This position is often one that has more contact with patients than doctors or nurses might. These professionals assist patients with things that they need done, including getting out of bed, using the bathroom, taking baths, eating, and other daily tasks. These technicians are sometimes known as hospital attendants, nurse assistants and nurse aides, depending on the facility that they work in. Students who are studying to become a patient care assistant technician will find courses in medical ethics and training, as well as first aid and CPR. They will learn to check vitals and have practical experience to help them demonstrate competency to be certified in their position. The patient care technician will become a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, but only by designation, once their classes have been completed. Job duties include things like taking out IVs, cleaning and irrigating wounds, answering phones, assist with critical patients, attend to comfort and safety of patients, and related areas of work within the hospital setting.

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