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Business Degrees in Pennsylvania

Guide to Business Schools in Pennsylvania

Business schools in Pennsylvania are plentiful. There are actually 8 Fortune 500 companies that call Philadelphia home, along with more in other parts of the state. Therefore, there is plenty of need for business education. It actually might be one of the best places in the country to pursue your business education. There are many business schools and training programs that can lend way to an associate’s, bachelor’s, or MBA in business administration or management, as well as areas like finance and accounting and sales and marketing, all of which are popular careers in the state of Pennsylvania.

From trade and technical schools to online courses and typical four year colleges, there are business schools for all types of people and all types of learning. If you prefer a more concentrated course, you can attend online courses or a technical school to get your business degree. Those people seeking a more traditional education will likely pursue a business program at a four-year college within the state. From Harrisburg to Erie to Philadelphia and beyond, there are business degree programs all over the state to help turn out the next generation of professionals for the booming business economy.

Pennsylvania Business Job Outlook and Salary

With 8 Fortune 500 companies in Philadelphia alone and 50 in the entire state, Pennsylvania has plenty to do with business. They are a leader in insurance and finance, and are the home of many educational services and publishing companies. The agriculture and manufacturing industries are most popular in the state, with manufacturing taking place in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh primarily. The wages for business professionals in Pennsylvania are on track with the national averages and the cost of living is low. Plus, the environment itself makes for a high quality life in the Commonwealth State, which gives many people the best of both worlds.

Chief executives average $150,000 annually, while general and operations managers can bring in close to $100,000 per year depending on their experience and the exact position. Business administration and management are popular degree programs because they can open the doors to many different business occupations in Pennsylvania, including many that average between $45,000 and $70,000 annually. Considering the amount of business that is dependent upon the state of Pennsylvania, future growth is imminent and more positions will likely be created in the coming years to deal with the growing and changing business economy in Pennsylvania.

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