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Cosmetology Schools in Pennsylvania

Guide to Pennsylvania Cosmetology Programs

Have you ever thought about studying cosmetology online? Although that may seem like something you can only do in person, there are in fact programs out there that allow you to get an entire education right from the computer. If this seems like an enticing idea for you, you might want to check out the programs available at Globe University, the Minnesota School of Business, and Lincoln College of Technology. If a traditional program still seems like a better fit because of the hands on training, you could consider several schools in Pennsylvania, such as Tri-State Business Institute, the Academy of Hair Design or the Empire Schools of Beauty. That last institute has several locations scattered throughout the state that you may look into for training.

The training that you get during your pre-license phase will give you a great foundation for your career. Granted, you will develop your own tricks and techniques as you progress through the years, but a solid education will at least expose you to the fundamentals. With those fundamentals, you will be able to get employment just about anywhere. The place that you work may also put you through some training to get you better acclimated with the techniques used there.

Pennsylvania Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The outlook for cosmetologists in Pennsylvania is solid, and you should be able to see a number of positions available after you get your license. A sound education will increase your opportunities, but there are still a ton of entry level positions available. There are many new businesses emerging on a daily basis, and all of them need people like you t help them stay in business. A growing population may also be fueling the growth in the industry. Whatever the case may be, just know that the cosmetology community is expanding just in time for you to get involved.

There is a wide range of pay rates in the field of cosmetology. Why? That is because most of the money that you earn will come from the tips you get. As you grow in the field, you will find out that some people request you over and over. These regulars will be the key to high earnings. Starting pay may be as low as minimum wage, but with the right tippers in reach, you should be able to make at least $16 an hour, if not significantly more.

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