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Criminal Justice Degrees in Pennsylvania

Guide to Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Schools

Pennsylvania criminal justice schools are easy to find and offer you just about everything that you need for your career success. There are many different colleges and universities in Pennsylvania to choose from, including Penn State and other well-known schools. You will also find a variety of online and technical programs for criminal justice degrees, allowing you to get the education that is right for you. There is no limit to what you can do once you have a degree in hand, so get yours today and be on your way to career success in no time.

Choose online classes for flexible and accessible learning, or even if you just want a faster course of study that you can do on your own time. Technical and vocational criminal justice schools are perfect for people who only need a short education or a certificate program in the field. If you are going to pursue higher careers in the criminal justice industry, you might need a four-year education or more depending on which career you choose. Fortunately, no matter what you choose, you can guarantee that you have options in Pennsylvania criminal justice schools.

Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Pennsylvania has a very stable economy that is very diverse. The state is home to some pretty big businesses, and also relies on agriculture and manufacturing for the largest part of their economy. However, with cities like Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie, and Philadelphia, there are plenty of opportunities for professionals in the criminal justice field, as well. The criminal justice industry itself is growing on a national level, and combined with the future potential of the state of Pennsylvania, people should have no trouble finding careers with their criminal justice degree in the future.

Criminal justice careers in Pennsylvania pay decently well when compared to other careers and the cost of living, which is low. The state has a high quality of life, which is imperative for anyone who is looking to settle down. Lawyers will earn about $120,000 annually on average, while the rest of the legal occupations average around $88,000 annually. This might be more or less depending on your exact position and education, of course. Assistants, aides, and paralegals can earn an average salary of $45,000 or more in the state, and those who choose protective services careers on the enforcement side of criminal justice will see an average annual salary of about $40,000 to $60,000 which is again dependent upon the position and education that you hold.

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