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Massage Therapy Schools in Pennsylvania

Guide to Pennsylvania Massage Therapy Degree Programs

The state of Pennsylvania sits in the middle of a great deal of history. It is also a mix of urban and rural living. All of this bodes well for those wanting to be massage therapists. The state boasts dozens of schools that offer massage therapy training.  They are located from one end of the state to the other. Many of them sit in the urban areas around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However, there are options available in many smaller cities and towns. Erie sits on the northwest corner on the edge of the Great Lake with the same name. Allentown, Lancaster, and other small cities cluster in the mid to southeast of the state. All are great places to begin practicing.

Pennsylvania brings home agricultural and urban flavors to a unique Keystone mixture. History inhabits the land from Independence Hall in Philadelphia to the farmland of Amish Country on to the coal mining environs of the southwest corner. While many companies make their home in the urban centers, the state is not experiencing any significant growth. Rural populations are thinning. Urban populations are flexing with some moving and some moving out. College towns keep growing, but not quickly. The state offers opportunities, however most come from the urban centers more than other places.

Pennsylvania Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

Pennsylvania can provide options for those wanting to become massage therapists. Most opportunities will be located in the urban centers near Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Some of the smaller towns such as Harrisburg and Erie provide places to practice as well. Pennsylvania is one of the states that do not require state level certification for massage therapists. However, it is a good idea to check with local authorities on their requirements. Many communities have set up minimal requirements for those practicing within their borders.

A massage therapist in Pennsylvania will make close to the median national salary of $34,900. Therapists in Pennsylvania can expect to start making $16,000 to $20,000 per year to begin with. As they gain experience and a steady client base, that salary averages out to around $33,500. Those practicing nearer the urban centers can expect a higher annual income. The Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information and Analysis projects that the state’s demand for massage therapists will grow by 19% in the next few years. This is just under the national average of 20%. The cities and college towns provide much of this demand growth.

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