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Trade & Vocational Schools in Pennsylvania

Guide to Pennsylvania Trade and Vocational Programs

Pennsylvania is home to an array of vocational and trade schools from which to choose. There are classroom based opportunities available through institutes like Lincoln Tech, YTI Career Institute, CHI Institute, Pittsburgh Technical Institute, All-State Career, and Universal Technical Institute, along with many others. In addition to the traditional programs you may find, you can also check out the opportunities at Baker College Online, or American Sentinel University. These web based programs are becoming quite popular with the new generation as students are more dependent on computers now than they have ever been. Vocational training in general will allow students to save money on tuition, which can be quite a load to bear in standard degree programs.

During your one to three years of schooling, you will be involved in training that is specifically linked to the line of work you will get into after graduation. There are a number of specializations to choose from, and all of them can provide rewarding careers. Some schools focus on the design type of jobs, and others look into technical work. The focus you choose will be linked to your school. Some common ones include plumbing, electrical work, photography, fashion, and welding. Computer programs are also becoming increasingly popular.

Pennsylvania Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great outlook in store for jobs that result from vocational training. This is because of an expanding job market and population. Many of the fields that are covered in trade school have a high demand for workers but a short supply of them. Thus there are usually a number of positions to choose from right out of graduation. Some areas may need more of some work than others, so note your location when selecting a place to work in. There are many options within the state of Pennsylvania that you can look into.

The earning potential for blue collar workers is largely based on the specifics of the job. A common cosmetologist may make a mere $29,000 a year. However, a specialist in a specific field, like underwater welding, may see earnings of over $100,000 a year. That person likely had to go through additional training though, so note that the length of time you spend in school may determine the kind of money you can make. Most people make less than $40,000 a year when they first start out, and apprentices usually only make $15,000 a year, roughly.

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