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Pharmacy Assistant Training

Your online resource for Pharmacy Assistant Training and Career Information. The pharmacy assistant works under the supervision of the presiding pharmacist in any setting. Whether it is a specific pharmacy store or a retail chain store with a pharmacy department, the assistant will have the job of taking order from the pharmacist, filling prescriptions, inputting data into computers, stocking shelves, and answering phones and taking money. The assistant can attend a one year training program to become a certified pharmacy assistant, which will give them the ability to fill prescriptions and count medications, as well as to prepare dosages and apply labels to products. On the job training is helpful, but many pharmacies like to hire professionals who already have formal training so that there is less teaching to be done on site. Due to the increasing demands of healthcare services, the pharmacy assistant training program is a good choice for future job security. As more healthcare services become necessary, so will pharmacy services. People who work as a pharmacy assistant can choose to work where they want and enjoy learning more about the world of medication in their career.

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