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Your online resource for Pharmacy Tech Training and Career Information. Pharmacy tech training involves learning about medications and dosing as well as medical math so that prescriptions can be filled properly. The pharmacy tech works under the supervision of a pharmacist and will be able to fill prescriptions, count medications, measure pills and liquid medications, and label products accordingly. These professionals will also verify prescriptions and maintain records of patients and insurance details. Pharmacy tech training generally lasts for six months to a year depending on the program that is chosen. Also known as pharmacy assistants, these professionals basically serve as the right hand person to the pharmacist, taking care of whatever duties they are asked or required to do on a daily basis. Career futures for this job are positive due to the increase in other healthcare services and a need for more professionals. Anyone considering this career can ensure that there will be work to be done when they have obtained their diploma or certificate. Professionals can work in retail pharmacies, small locally owned businesses, and even in large chain stores with pharmacies, depending on their preference.


Boost Your Career Health with Pharmacy Technician School
If you want to enter a hot new healthcare career, pharmacy technician school can help you get into that white coat. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) pharmacy technician jobs are growing much faster than average across all occupations, with great opportunities for full-time and part time work. Pharmacy technicians give patients medication under the supervision of pharmacists. They also perform the administrative tasks that keep a pharmacy running, such as stocking shelves, answering phones, and working the cash register.

Behind the Scenes at the Pharmacy
Some pharmacy technicians work in retail or mail-order pharmacies, while others work in hospitals, nursing homes, or other assisted living facilities. They receive prescriptions from physicians and prepare them by counting, pouring, weighing, measuring, and sometimes even mixing medication. They, price the prescription, prepare the label, and file it to be checked by a pharmacist. Some may have additional responsibilities, like maintaining patients' files, stocking medications, and reading patients' charts.

Pharmacy Technician School Offers Key Job Training
According to the (BLS), job opportunities will be good in this field, especially for applicants with formal training from a pharmacy technician school. At pharmacy technician school, you will complete coursework and laboratory work in a wide range of areas, including:

• Medical and Pharmaceutical terminology
• Pharmaceutical calculations and techniques
• Pharmacy recordkeeping
• Pharmacy law and ethics
• Medication names, uses, and doses

Pharmacy technician schools often include internships that can give you hands-on experience working in a pharmacy. When you finish school, you will receive a diploma, certificate, or associate's degree depending on the program���and you'll have the training and experience to help you become a top-notch pharmacy technician.

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