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Your online resource for Photography Education and Career Information. If you have a unique outlook on the world and a keen eye for composition, a career in photography could be perfect for you. From fine art to gritty photojournalism to glossy fashion spreads, the right training and a college degree can help you achieve your goals. Visit our extensive listings of online photography schools & degrees, photography jobs & careers, photography salary information as well as photography bachelor degrees, photography associate degrees, and photography certificates online or at a campus nearby. If you're not sure where to start, see our overview of types of photography programs & degrees.


Digital cameras, computer software, and inexpensive color printers all mean that it has never been easier to be your own photographic studio. Don't make the mistake though of believing that anyone can now be a professional photographer. There is a big difference between good amateur and fully professional photography, and if you aspire to take photos that people will pay you for, then you need the education that photography schools can offer.

What will I learn at photography schools?
Photography schools will develop your instincts for shape, color, and composition, so your sense of what makes a good photo is as strong as possible. You will also study the different technologies available to the modern photographer, in particular digital photography and computer editing and manipulation. More specialized study will teach you the skills and techniques for photojournalism, scientific photographic, portraits, and other areas of photo imaging. Your photography schools education will make you esthetically and technically a far more competent photographer. You will also be prepared to make your way in the challenging world of commercial photography.

What is the job outlook for photography school graduates?
Of the 129,000 photographers working in 2004, in excess of 50% were self-employed. This is a high proportion and reflects the highly competitive nature of the work. Many people would like to make a living as photographers, so be prepared to compete to establish your credentials. Employers, (such as newspapers or scientific publishers) will probably expect you to have relevant training. But even as a freelance, the skills that photography schools will teach you will help you to maximize your potential in this exciting and competitive world.

Photography Schools

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