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Your online resource for Project Management Degrees and Career Information. Project management professionals will always be in high demand. The job market for this career is not growing as quickly as some other careers might be, but there are opportunities available to graduates with project management degrees. The growth is slightly below the national average for occupational growth through 2018, and also varies depending on the exact position that is held. Those in project management positions will work with managing various projects in the workplace and ensuring that things are done in the most efficient and timely manner possible. They will be responsible for managing employees, creating a positive work environment, and fostering teamwork and success through their leadership. Courses taken will include business classes, communications, interpersonal relations, human resources, and leadership and problem solving skills. There will also be additional coursework in related areas as part of the degree program. These degrees are generally 4-year programs, although someone can have a successful career in project management with only an associate degree, which is a 2-year degree. The jobs available to project management professionals vary greatly and offer the chance to work in many different industries and areas of business.

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