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Your online resource for Teaching Education and Career Information. Between schools, hospitals, social service agencies, mental health centers, and substance abuse treatment clinics, there is a huge demand for psychologists these days. With a degree and good training, psychology students can find work in both the public and private sector of medicine and social services. Visit our extensive listings of online psychology schools & degrees, psychology jobs & careers, psychology salary information as well as psychology bachelor degrees, psychology associate degrees, psychology master degrees, psychology PhD degrees, and EdD degrees online or at a campus nearby. If you're not sure where to start, see our overview of types of psychology programs & degrees.


Psychology-Counseling School May Open an Array of Careers If you're fascinated by the way people think and behave, psychology or counseling could be the right field for you. Psychology-counseling school can help you get started in a psychology research or mental healthcare career. It can also help you qualify for careers in other fields including market research, human resources and management, and corporate training. Demand for psychology-counseling graduates is expected to increase between now and 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Studying Human Mind and Behavior Psychology-counseling schools offer degrees that range from a certificate to a doctoral degree. Basic coursework in this field generally includes: -Biology -Cognition and Behavioral Psychology -Developmental and Social Psychology -Research methods -Statistics Specialization areas include clinical, developmental, social, school, and research psychology, among many others. Psychology-Counseling Degrees May Lead to Many Career Options To practice independently, psychologists generally need a doctoral degree, which typically takes 5-7 years of graduate study. Some psychology-counseling schools include a one-year internship in their doctoral programs, to give students hands-on experience in the field. Students who complete a master's degree at psychology-counseling school (usually requiring 2 years of graduate study) can work as industrial-organizational psychologists, who apply psychological principles and research methods to the workplace. They may also work as psychological assistants and conduct research or psychological evaluations. Getting a certificate degree program, Associate degree, or Bachelor's degree in psychology from related-counseling type school can also open up a wide range of career opportunities. Such degrees can help you qualify to assist psychologists and other mental health professionals with research or administrative tasks. Or you can use your psychology-counseling degree as a stepping stone into the business world as a market researcher, sales, service, or business management professional. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Psychologists"

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