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Cosmetology Schools in Rhode Island

Guide to Rhode Island Cosmetology Programs

Although Rhode Island is small in area, it has a big offering of cosmetology schools that you can attend. There are four different schools that you can attend, and all of them can provide you with a sound education. You could choose to go to Euphoria, Lincoln Tech, Arthur Angelo the Professional School, or Empire Beauty Schools. Beyond that, there are the chances you might have online with programs offered through Lincoln College of Technology, the Minnesota School of Business, or Globe University. Needless to say, you have options and a god education in the field of beauty may very well be your calling. You just have to enroll in a school that will suit your particular lifestyle.

You have to pick some sort of focus when looking into a cosmetology program. There is an array of options to choose from, but some of the more popular fields are nail care, hair care and skin care. Makeup artists are also in demand now, especially if you move out of Rhode Island to some place like California. In any event, after you get your license, you can then move onto training via your place of employment. That may only last a week or so, and then you can start picking up clients.

Rhode Island Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

As a cosmetologist in Rhode Island, you can expect to see a growing demand for people with your talents. The beauty industry as a whole is expanding, and so is the population in the nation. More people and a greater desire for physical perfection make for the perfect mix to drive up the number of jobs available. As long as you get a good education and heed well to the training provided, you should have no trouble at all in gaining employment.

As an employee, you will only be slightly at the mercy of your employer’s base pay. You have the chance to earn additional money through tips and commission, so really you determine your bottom line. That may fit on the national average of $10.25 an hour or it could be twice that much. It’s all in the amount of clients you get. Developing a frequent customer list is crucial to this business because that is only way to ensure a somewhat stable income. Some days will of course be better than others, but in the end you want some sort of balance. Treat your customers well and financial prosperity will be much more feasible.

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