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Six Sigma Training & Certification

Your online resource for Six Sigma Training and Certification and Career Information. Six Sigma is a very focused specialty industry that focuses on process improvement and quality assurance. Professionals who study this training course generally spend six weeks or less in classes, earning certification as a Six Sigma professional. If they attend further education and meet the required experience standards, professionals can be designated as a Six Sigma black belt, which ultimately is the role of a project manager or operations team leader. In classes, students will learn the methodology of Six Sigma training and how to effectively utilize it to create quality improvements. They will learn statistics, analysis, problem solving skills, and job-specific skills and education so that they can be successful. Six Sigma was designed to reduce defects in consumer services and goods. It refers to the goal of 3.4 parts per million as a defect ratio, which is the goal in Six Sigma's methodology. This course prepares professionals for positions in quality management, supply chain management, and on a designated Six Sigma team that is specifically tasked with creating improvements in processes and product defects.

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