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Your online resource for Social Work Education and Career Information. In today's social climate, with a rapidly expanding population and the rise of a large elderly community as the Baby Boomer generation reaches senior citizen status, social workers are needed to provide counseling and oversee health and social programs. Demand for social workers is expected to be consistently high over the next decade, especially in rural areas that are currently underrepresented. Visit our extensive listings of online social work schools & degrees, social work jobs & careers, social work salary information as well as social work bachelor degrees, social work master degrees, social work certificates, diplomas and social work PhD degrees online or at a campus nearby. If you're not sure where to start, see our overview of types of social work programs & degrees.


Social work is not only financially rewarding; it is personally rewarding. Some social workers work directly with people to help them cope with difficulties in their lives: from relationship and family troubles to disability and disease; from inadequate housing and unemployment to substance, child, and spousal abuse. Other social workers conduct research, while others work for advocacy groups or with local, state, and federal organizations to change policy. A career in social work will enrich your life. It will enrich the lives of others, too. A degree in social work from an online or campus-based university will set you on your way.

Social Work Programs

Because social workers deal with a variety of issues, there are many different types of programs to choose from: Family and Child Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, and Gerontology--just to name a few.

Job Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, between 2006-2016, employment of social workers is expected to grow much faster than other occupations, an increase of 22 percent--particularly for social workers specializing in the aging population or those desiring to work in rural areas. Potential careers include: Child, family, and school social work; mental health and substance abuse social work; medical and public health social work. The median annual earnings differ widely depending on specific fields, with social workers in local general medical and surgical hospitals earning $46,330 yearly at the top end and social workers working in residential care facilities earning $32,590 at the bottom.

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