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Accounting Schools in South Carolina

Guide to South Carolina Accounting Degree Programs

Getting a solid accounting degree in South Carolina may not be as hard as you think. There are a lot of different options available to you from places like Southern Wesleyan University. You can choose to learn at several different locations, or you could just bypass the classroom completely and go through an online degree program. This has become an increasingly popular choice for college students nowadays as technology has worked its way into a more vital part of society.

To get a degree in accounting, you will have to fulfill certain academic requirements allotted by your university. Those requirements may vary a bit from school to school, but they are pretty standard across the board. Starting out, you may not be taking anything more than introductory courses because there will be parts of the core curriculum that you will have to get through, such as math and English. After the basics have been completed, you may take courses like managerial accounting, auditing, personal finance, federal taxation, and other accounting based classes.

South Carolina Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for accounting majors is a solid one. There are a lot of jobs that are opening up nowadays, and it’s really just a matter of weeding out the competition to get to the good ones. Start off with an internship while you are in college because that will help you get job experience that will look better on your resume. A growing economy has opened the doors for the development of accounting departments in various businesses, so if you have the right resume, you should be able to secure a job fairly easily.

Of course, you want to know about the money you will make. Well, that will all depend on the kind of work that you do. You may work for the U.S. government, in which case your salary could be an enticing $70,000 a year after a few years. Then again, you may just want to work on your own. As a self employed accountant, you might see earnings of anywhere from $33,000 to $50,000 a year, a range similar to that of starting pay positions. With the right clientele, that number could potentially increase. You just have to stay focused on your career goals.

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