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Business Degrees in South Carolina

Guide to Business Schools in South Carolina

South Carolina is mostly revered for its beauty and climate, but is also excellent for those people seeking a business education. With many different types of opportunities available for business careers, there are plenty of educational resources to be sought. Whether you choose to attend a traditional four year college or an online course program, you can trust that you will get the associate or bachelor degree that you need in business that will help you skyrocket yourself to success. There are so many different types of fields to specialize in, but business administration and sales and marketing are most popular here.

South Carolina is proud of its businesses. You should always take the time to check out financing options including scholarships and grants that might be available to business students in the state. There is not always going to be something that fits, but with their pride and economy on the line, the state is generally looking to create more jobs and help people get the training that they need to excel at those jobs. Either way, a business education in South Carolina can be your first step on the path to career success.

South Carolina Business Job Outlook and Salary

After the Great Depression, there was a big move of textile companies who came to South Carolina from the Northeast. For many years, this was the driving force behind the economy. Today, the state has diversified its business interests and is home to SCANA, Sunoco products, Bowater, and Scan Source. They also have a well-to-do agricultural industry that consists of tobacco and cotton for the most part, providing plenty of opportunity for jobs in finance, business administration, and other related fields.

Business professionals working in South Carolina can enjoy a lower cost of living than what they might find in other states, as well as an average annual wage that is higher than the national average and comparable to many other states in the area. For example, computer and information systems managers can make around $95,000 annually, as can general and operations managers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Marketing and sales managers are in the same range for annual income, while those working in other areas of business in South Carolina will very rarely bring in less than $40,000 for their skills. Of course, an MBA can get better earning potential than bachelor’s or associate’s degrees, but not everyone has to pursue further education because there are plenty of jobs available for all skill levels.

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