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Cosmetology Schools in South Carolina

Guide to South Carolina Cosmetology Programs

South Carolina only has a couple of different schools to choose from if you want to get involved in a cosmetology program. Those are namely Regency Beauty Institute. At either, you can get some sort of training in cosmetology and then begin working in the field. In some instances, perhaps yours, obtaining a degree in an actual classroom setting simply isn’t an option. You might be busy or you might just be too far away to move. Well have no fear. You always have the option to go to school online and train right from your desktop or laptop. To do this, you’ll need to look at a program like the ones offered by Globe University, the Minnesota School of Business, or Lincoln College of Technology.

Once you have chosen a certain program to go into, you must pick a focus for your studies. This may be makeup, skin care, nail care, hair styling, or any other branch of cosmetology. What you take will be accordingly related. Assuming that you obtain a license, you will then undergo training from your employer that will show you what their company uses one their customers. Every product is different, so this training will be just as vital as the other set. You can usually begin working one year after you start your training.

South Carolina Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

There is a fantastic outlook for jobs in cosmetology. This spawns from several factors, but mainly a growth in the population is responsible for the expansion. More people out there are also opening beauty related businesses now, so the chance of getting a position is even higher just because of availability. You probably won’t get to work at an upscale job when you first start out, but that is because those positions come with experience. The more time you spend on the job, the better your pay will be.

Your earning potential is essentially limitless. Cosmetology is much like waitressing in that a good portion of your income will be derived from your tips. If you can get a good list of clients going, you’ll be able to make a pretty steady pay. Without a client list, your earnings will vary considerably. You will probably make close to minimum wage as a base pay, and then tips and commission may bump you up to $10 an hour or more. Your place of employment will also be a factor in your success, so be sure to secure the best job possible early on.

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