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Health Care Degrees in South Carolina

Guide to South Carolina Healthcare Schools

South Carolina is a great state to live in. The weather is great, the people are friendly, and the jobs are plentiful. This coastal state used to be known primarily for the manufacture and farming of products like tobacco, but has now become much more diverse and provides many different careers to people who need them. South Carolina might not have the elite schools that New England states can boast about, but they have plenty of schools that offer great healthcare degrees and programs for students who seek them.

You will have your choice of four year, two year, or even technical or certificate programs. You can choose from a typical campus, a community college or vocational setting, or even an online degree that can help you to make the most of your college education by getting your degree quickly and more efficiently. Another benefit of online programs is that the courses are so much more affordable, which is great for people of all ages. No one can afford to spend their entire life repaying their college debt anymore, which is why online courses are so popular. Of course, the community in South Carolina understands the need for future professionals and helps out with scholarships and grants for healthcare students of all kinds, as well.

South Carolina Healthcare Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for healthcare careers in South Carolina is good. It might not be as rapidly growing or as hot as it is in some other states, but there is plenty of opportunity to be had for those who seek it. South Carolina can provide many jobs both now and into the future for healthcare professionals who arrive with their degree in hand. You might even find help from the community with internships and externships that can lead to permanent, life altering careers in the healthcare industry in South Carolina.

The professionals in this state are paid well for what they do. This is a state with a high quality of life and a moderately low cost of living. The average wage for those in the technical and healthcare practitioner occupations is around $62,000. Of course, this covers a wide spectrum of professionals including surgeons ($217,000 average annual salary), recreational therapists ($31,000 annual average), and everything in between. Those who seek higher education will have the best chances at higher earnings and better careers, while those with associate’s or certificate degrees will be on the lower end of the earnings bracket, but with jobs that are still respected and very essential to the healthcare community.

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