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Guide to South Carolina Law and Justice Degree Programs

South Carolina is one of the states that formed the original thirteen. The state takes great pride in being different from everyone else. This extends to the universities and colleges that can be found from one end of the state to the other. Some of the schools provide degree options for those wanting to enter the law and justice field. Degrees from associates all the way to doctorates in law can be found. Potential students can choose from a range of public and private education options as well. The state’s technical schools and community colleges provide affordable education along with online classes.

The state of South Carolina has spent many years trying to attract manufacturing and it has somewhat succeeded. Many areas of the state have seen facilities open. However, the state is also economically based in agriculture, textiles and machinery. All of these have taken a hit in the recent economic troubles. The economy will take awhile to recover, but the state remains a decent option for those wanting a lower cost of living. The state boasts a long shore line including the Grand Strand. It goes through the piedmont and foothills until it hits the first mountains of the Southern Appalachians. The largest urban areas are around Charleston, Columbia and the Greenville/Spartanburg areas. What can the Palmetto State do to help your dreams of a degree?

South Carolina Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

South Carolina offers many options for jobs in the field of law and justice. To get an idea of what this state offers, let’s look at what police officers experience. The state’s demand for law enforcement officers is expected to grow 8% in the next few years according to the South Carolina Employment Security Commission. This is slightly lower than the national average of 11%. Most opportunities will be concentrated in the urban areas near Charleston, Columbia and Greenville/Spartanburg.  State projections for new officers indicate the state will lower their demand.

As far as wages go, the starting salary in South Carolina can range from $25,000 to $27,000 annually. An officer with a few years experience can expect to make around $34,000. This is significantly lower than the national median wage. While much of the state offers a lower cost of living, the urban areas have seen prices escalating in recent years. Smaller communities will offer less than this. Having a degree will provide more opportunities in urban areas.

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