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Nursing Schools in South Carolina

Guide to South Carolina Nursing Degree Programs

There are many South Carolina nursing schools to choose from if you are planning to get a nursing degree. What’s more, the hospitals in South Carolina are also recognized as good teaching hospitals so you will surely be able to hone your skills if you decide to work for these institutions, which include Charleston Providence Hospitals in Columbia and Medical University of South Carolina.

It is also worth noting that the nursing community in South Carolina is very strong and active. Even if you are still a student in one of the South Carolina nursing schools, you can depend on the Student Nurses’ Association of South Carolina to provide you with information and training, educational opportunities, and even career networking. Meanwhile, the South Carolina Nurses Association offers its members resources for continuing education, exciting events for the improvement of the nursing community, and also activities and seminars to help improve the healthcare industry in the state.

South Carolina Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

The nurse shortage in South Carolina is not merely a statistical figure. Experts believe that the lack of nurses and nurse associates in the state could have a negative impact on the delivery of health services to the people in South Carolina, particularly to the aging population of baby boomers. Figures show that between 2015 and 2020, South Carolina will need some 15,000 nurses to cope with the increasing elderly population. At present, South Carolina already has massive nurse problems as it ranks 42nd in the US in terms of the ratio of registered nurses to the total number of people living in the state.

The amount needed to complete a nursing degree in South Carolina nursing schools is not cheap. Although there may be a lot of deserving individuals who want to take up nursing, many cannot afford to pay for their tuition. To remedy this problem, private and state institutions are offering scholarships for deserving students of South Carolina nursing schools. In order to increase the number of teachers and instructors of nursing, the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation through the South Carolina Nurses Foundation also provides scholarships for graduate nursing programs.

In order to encourage individuals to pursue nursing career, many hospitals and medical centers in South Carolina are also providing better working conditions, adding important benefits, and also increasing the base pay of nurses. For instance, in Charleston the median annual salary of a nurse is $58,375 and in Greenville it is $58,450.

Additional Nursing Schools in South Carolina

Charleston Southern University School of Nursing
Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing
University of South Carolina College of Nursing

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