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Accounting Schools in South Dakota

Guide to South Dakota Accounting Degree Programs

South Dakota is a state that’s full of character and charm, but something it is not full of is accounting degree programs. That said, there are options available. 

After you determine where to go to school, you will need to know what courses to take. A lot of that will be predetermined by your university, but there are always electives available. If you get a chance to take said electives, you can either use them to form a minor, or you can just take them to relieve yourself of academic stress. For the more accounting related courses in your schedule, you may find business law, leadership and business, personal finance, auditing, and much more. Getting a master’s degree will lead to even more specific coursework if that is the route you want to follow in your education.

South Dakota Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is a positive job outlook imminent for the accounting field. This applies to both South Dakota and the nation at large. The reasons for this growth can be whittled down to an expanding economy and recent legislations regarding financial reporting. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that more businesses now are looking for accounting departments to help keep them in line with recent laws. With your degree in hand and your training in mind, you should be able to secure a position in the field fairly easily.

Once you get a job, you will of course start to make money. How much money you make will be determined by the efforts you put forth, the time on the job, and the type of work that you do in the first place. Your location may impact the demand for jobs in the area, but the pay will probably be about the same no matter where you go. Starting out, you might make an hourly wage of $10 to $15, but that number can increase as the years progress. Some people make $26 an hour or more after a decade or two in the field.

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